Research Interest

I am an oceanographer interested in the dynamics of the ocean and climate with active research efforts on the study of the Southern Ocean surface layer and its impact on the global ocean circulation. I mostly focus on the observational connection between the ocean surface and the deep ocean interior, with particular emphasises on heat, salt and anthropogenic carbon sequestration in the Southern Ocean. My research tackles questions from oceanic turbulence to large-scale ocean circulation, as well as on the impact of ocean physics on biology.


Jean-Baptiste Sallée

Research scientist (CNRS) specialized on the dynamics of the Southern Ocean.

Nadine Steiger

Postdoctoral fellow (2021-2023; Sorbonne Université) working on water-mass exchanges across the continental slope in the Southeastern Weddell Sea

Linus Vogt

PhD student (2021-2024; Sorbonne Université) the role of the upper ocean in mitigating ocean heat storage and control on climate

Saurabh Ratore

Postdoctoral fellow (2021-2023; Sorbonne Université) woring on bottom water export and consumption in the Southern Ocean

Matthis Auger

PhD student (2018-2021; Sorbonne Université) working on subpolar gyre circulation using satellite altimetry

Yona Silvy

PhD student (2018-2021; Sorbonne Université) working on time of emergence of temperature and salinity change in the global ocean

Audrey Minière

Engineering student (2019; UPMC) working on the recovery of RAFOS trajectories from contintal shelf ARGO float deployments

Previous Members:

Etienne Pauthenet

Postdoctoral fellow (2019-2021; Sorbonne Université) who worked on the water-mass formation in Antarctica coastal Polynya

Ute Hausmann

Postdoctoral fellow (2016-2021; Sorbonne Université, CNES) who worked on the circulation of the Weddell Sea and Antarctic Slope Front from a high-resolution realistic model configuration

Camille Akhoudas

Ph.d student (2016-2020; Sorbonne Université) who worked on freshwater cycle in the polar Southern Ocean from observation of stable water isotope (Oxygen, Deterium)

Lucie Vignes

PhD student (2017-2021; Sorbonne Université) who worked on continental shelf circulation and slope current in the Southeastern Weddell Sea from cruise and float targeted observations.

Nathalie Le Grix

Master student (2019; UPMC) who worked the variability of Ice Shelf Water production on the Southern Weddell continental shelf

Violaine Pellichero

Postdoc (2018; UPMC) working on bloom onset in the Southern Ocean

Ph.d student (2014-2017; UPMC) working on surface layer dynamics and surface-interior interactions, in the polar Southern Ocean under sea-ice.

Chris Chapman

Postdoctoral fellow (2014-2017; CNRS & NSF) working on the impact of bottom topography - jet interactions and their implications for the large-scale overturning circulation (website)
Ph.D ANU, Canberra, Australia

Joan Llort

Postdoctoral fellow (2015; UPMC) who worked on how phytoplankton bloom is related to surface layer turbulence
Ph.D UPMC, Paris, France

Guillaume Hontebeyrie

Master student (2016; UPMC) who worked time and spatial scale of the circulation in the Southeastern Weddell Sea in preparation for designing cruise strategy

Océane Richet

Master student (2014; UPMC) who worked the seasonal cycle of the surface layer under sea-ice in the Southern Ocean