2019: Scientific Coordinator of the Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate (SO-CHIC) program (funded by the European Commission H2020 program) - €7 999 000. Regroups 15 institutional partners in Europe and South Africa. Active grant (running until 2024).
2015: PI of WAPITI (funded by ERC, European Research Council) - €1 998 000. Study of the circulation in the Weddell sea: interactions between open ocean and shelf waters. Active grant (running until 2021).
PI of PERSU (funded by Sorbonne Universités) - €75 000. Study of the impact of the ocean surface turbulence on phytoplankton activity. Past grant.
2013: PI of Exciting (funded by ANR, French research Council) - €727 000. Study of the CDW upwelling and overturning circulation in the Southern Ocean. Past grant.
Co-I of SMILES (funded by NERC, UK research council) - £316,215. Surface Mixed Layer Interactions at Submesoscales. Observational campaign in the Scotia Sea in 2015. Post doc to start in April 2013. PIs: P. Hosegood, J.B. Sallée, J. Taylor, R. Torres. Past grant.
PI of Exposé (funded by NERC, UK research council) - £340,545. Mode water export pathway and timing and impact on Southern Ocean carbon uptake. Post-doc to start in July 2013. Ph.d Student to start in September 2013. PIs: J.B. Sallée, E. Schukburg, P. Haynes, G. Nurser. Past grant.
2011: Co-I: “Assessing IPCC simulations of Southern Hemisphere tropospheric jet, meridional overturning circulation of the Southern Ocean and carbon uptake” (Funded by NERC, UK research council) - £112,463; PI: E. Schukburg, J.B. Sallée, T. Bracegirdle, Z. Wang. Past grant.
2009: Co-I: “Eddy transport, diffusion and mixing in the Southern Ocean” (Funded by CNES, French Space Agency) - €139, 699. PIs: R. Morrow, J.B. Sallée, F. d’Ovidio. Past grant.


2013: Awarded as a BAS Fellow of British Antactic Survey, Cambridge, UK
2012: ANR early career Fellowship
2011: Awarded as a Research Fellow of the University of Cambridge at Clare Hall College
2010: Australian Research Council Independent Early Career Researcher “Queen Elizabeth II” fellowship (5 years): (AU$ 610 000) – Declined to take a job at the British Antarctic Survey
Finalist of the nationwide Australia Eureka Prize for Environmental Research
Office of Chief Executive (OCE) fellowship at CSIRO
2008: Prize of the Académie (Prix de l’Académie), from the Académie des Sciences, Inscriptions et belles lettres