General information : visiting LOCEAN

Finding my office:

LOCEAN is on the campus of the University Pierre et Marie Curie. The uni is in the Jussieu area in Paris (Jussieu subway stop). To come to Jussieu, there is two metro lines (number 7 & 10) and the subway station called Jussieu is right in front of the uni (For more info on finding your way with subway and/or bus, have a look at RATP website , or a métro map ). University is marked on the maps below by the purplish marker (J).

Once at Jussieu you can make your way to LOCEAN. The maps at the bottom of this page should help you finding your way to LOCEAN.

I am in the corridor (45-55): each number is a number of a tour (tower, building) and in between tours there are the corridors with access to the scientists offices. In the tour there are stairs and elevators. The corridor with my office is the corridor 45-55 (i.e. between tour 45 and tour 55). My office is at the 5th floor (top floor). If you follow the blue arrows on the bottom maps, from the metro jussieu you will get to tour 45.

Once you are at the 5th floor, in tour 45, to enter in corridor 45-55 you need an access card. There is however a phone next to the door from which you can call offices. There is a list of names at the door with corresponding numbers, so you can call me, and I’ll come to open the door. If I’m not in my office, you can go at the reception (secrétariat), same corridor, 45-55, but 4th floor.

Coming by train:

There are a few train station in Paris, from which you can take the tube (métro) to where you stay or to Jussieu (have a look at RATP website , or a métro map ).

Coming by plane:

They are two main airports in Paris: "Charles de Gaulle" (also called Roissy) and "Orly". From these airports you can get to the centre of Paris by train (RER B), which will bring you to the city center (one way ticket is around 10 euros). You need to stop to one of the Paris' centre stop: Denfert-Rochereau, Port Royal, Luxembourg, St Michel, Chatelet, or Gare du Nord. From there you can take the subway to get to your hotel (from the airport, it will take around 45 min to 1 h depending on where you stay - metro ride fare is included in your airport train ticket). To find which metro line you need to take you can use the public transport itinerary on Google map, or the RATP website. Or you can find your way by yourself on the map of metro ( here ). The alternative is to take a cab from the airport, which costs something like 40-50 euros (~30-45 minutes).