Current activities


My main expertise concerns how meso to submesoscale dynamics (1-100 km) sustain and affect phytoplankton and marine biogeochemical cycles.

Keywords: biogeochemical eddy fluxes


Part of my activity is dedicated to the investigation of the oceanic carbon pumps in the global ocean, from small scales to large scales, from the gravitational pump to physical pumps, for natural and anthropogenic carbon.

Keywords: subduction/obduction, Carbon, climate change

Marine Ecology

Recently, I have expended my interests to the links between the physical environment, the ecology of marine predators and the diversity of phytoplankton and of marine life in general.

Keywords: alpha and gamma diversity, r and K-stategists


I am interested in the drivers of global ocean de-oxygenation, the role of submesoscale processes, with a focus on the Indian ocean that hosts the thickest Oxygen Minimum Zone.

Keywords: Subduction, respiration, climate change

Southern Ocean

My investigatations in the SO concern the drivers of the bloom and the impact of submesoscale dynamics and synoptic events on natural and anthropogenic carbon fluxes.

Keywords: Iron transport, bottom up/top down control, mode waters, SWOT

Intra-seasonal variability

The question is how intra-seasonal events, linked either to synoptic wind events, intrinsic variability of ecosystems or oceanic eddies affect primary production and export fluxes, as well as our ability to detect long-term changes.

Keywords: Models and satellites